To improve the health and healthcare of all residents residing within Stanislaus and Merced Counties (19 specific cities and zip codes) under Legacy Health Endowment's (LHE) jurisdiction, by increasing access to various healthcare services and educating people about healthy lifestyle decisions. Our objective is to dramatically improve the quality of life within the Greater LHE Community by bringing together resources, expertise, vision and the belief we can – and will – make a difference.


Legacy Health Endowment was founded in 2014 and based in Turlock. It was created from the net proceeds of the sale of Emanuel Medical Center, Inc., which were placed into a charitable foundation tasked with improving the health and wellbeing of area residents.

Core Values

The Foundation is guided by a set of core values that underscore everything we do:

  • Serve as a leader and catalyst for the LHE Community (the people in the 19 zip codes) by creating successful healthcare change.
  • Foster open dialogue and collaboration that allows us to share knowledge, create strategic alliances and build sustainable healthcare solutions.
  • Use innovations to foster creativity, collaboration and discussion.
  • Recognize and value the contributions of everyone involved, and treat others the same way we expect to be treated.
  • Value the differences, strengths and skills of everyone with whom we work.
  • Serve as stewards of Legacy Health Endowment funds, ensuring that the LHE Community obtains the greatest value for every dollar spent.

Program Focus

Legacy Health Endowment will lead the transformation of the Greater LHE Community to ensure it becomes the healthiest in California. We will strive to accomplish this by using some or all of the following strategies:

  • Help people of all ages and incomes understand that LHE’s role is to assist public/private efforts to create solutions that prevent catastrophic healthcare consequences.
  • Serve as a catalyst to improve access to and the quality of healthcare for those who are part of the greater LHE Community.
  • Use innovation as a guide to create sustainable change and to continuously evaluate the philanthropic investments we are making.
  • Create solutions that optimize the independence of aged and disabled LHE Community residents.
  • Recognize that healthcare includes mental health services.
  • Focus on healthcare conditions within the LHE Community that represent the greatest financial challenges and most complex health challenges and establish public/private partnerships to achieve better, more affordable outcomes.
  • Support programs that ensure every child born in our LHE Community has access to necessary medical, dental and mental healthcare that helps them start school ready to learn.
  • Raise the quality of healthcare services within the LHE Community by increasing the number of licensed healthcare professionals.
  • Stay focused on measurable results – with an emphasis on data that can be quantified – to determine whether the solutions we are investing in are impactful. Where we cannot determine or measure the programmatic return on our investment (ROI) internally, LHE will work with other experts to create a quantifiable measurement.
  • Redefine “innovative collaboration” to demonstrate how charitable dollars can assist in creating high performance, health-related solutions to aid the LHE Community.
  • Support funding for medical research programs focused on chronic disease conditions prevalent in the LHE Community, such as Valley Fever.
  • Provide the LHE Community, as well as nonprofit entities across California and the nation, with an annual report card on our successes as well as our disappointments, including discussion of how and why we reached those milestones (or failed to do so).

Board of Trustees

Jeffrey Lewis Jeffrey Lewis President & CEO
Neill Callis Neill Callis Chair
Marlene Stante Marlene Stante Vice Chair
Lawrence Anderson Lawrence Anderson Treasurer
Jonnie York Jonnie York, RN Secretary
Vance Ahlem Vance Ahlem Trustee
Mike Brem Mike Brem Trustee
Mark Davenport Mark Davenport, MD Trustee
Dr. Ralph Gonzales Dr. Ralph Gonzales Trustee
Roger Herrera Roger Herrera Trustee
Jessica Chang Irish Jessica Chang Irish Trustee
Kristin Olsen Kristin Olsen Trustee
Roger Oxendale Roger Oxendale Trustee
Kassy Perry Kassy Perry Trustee